Friendship, understanding and good fellowship between the people of Australia and Asia

About AAA

The Australian Asian Association of Victoria (or more affectionately known to its members as “AAA” or “Triple A”) has had a proud tradition for over 60 years of building inter-cultural awareness in an atmosphere of friendship.

The Association is neither a trade nor political organisation but operates at a cultural and social level by promoting channels of inter-personal communication and leading the way to inter-cultural understanding through friendship.

Each year, AAA organises for its members and friends several dinners and social occasions each with a focus on one or more of our neighbouring Asian nations enabling all to enjoy the various tastes and experiences that are distinctly Asian.

Interesting speakers bring members up to date with new developments or allow members to learn more about the history, art and traditions of the many cultures in the region and on our doorstep.

Communication is the key to building relationships. To this end, AAA has for over two decades promoted the learning of Asian languages by annually sponsoring the AAA Asian Language Awards which provides prizes to the highest achieving first year student in each Asian language taught at each Victorian tertiary institution. The Awards presentation allows members also to catch up with or hear news from our past language award winners, many of whom are achieving great success throughout the world. Many times, this prize has been acknowledged to be the recognition that has inspired the learning of language to a level that it has become the determining factor in the prize winner’s future career.

Members are kept in contact with activities and relevant issues though the AAA email bulletins and “Triple A” newsletters. Through an extensive network of long-time relationships with the consulate corps, government departments and academic institutions, AAA is able to keep members updated of events in the community relating to local Asian communities and relevant transnational issues.

AAA has had a long tradition of offering hospitality to overseas students and now many newly settled young professionals enjoy the friendship and hospitality offered by AAA members.

Other activities have included regional visits to identify the role that Asian communities have played in developing regional Victoria.